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①fall; drop.
②weigh down.
③weight; hanging object.

HSK - no



Elements  ----  person 人 + mound 阝 + earth 土. Phonetic series - .

Simplified from: 墜

In JGW it was a pictogram of a person 人 upside down (later changed for a pig 㒸 sui to indicate the sound) falling from a mountain 阝. Later this pictogram was lent to row, and the earth 土 radical was added to recover its original meaning: fall down. Now a person 人who falls down to earth 土 from a mountain 阝.  
From fall > drop > hanging object > as a weight > weight down

Main Words:

①fall; drop.

坠落  zhuìluò  fall; drop.
坠地  zhuìdì  be born; come to this world.

②weigh down.

③weight; hanging object.

坠子  zhuìzi plummet; pendant; earrings.

Discussion and sources

This explanation follows mostly Wang Xiangzhi work. Not all Oracle Bone dictionaries include the pictogram for dui, but at least Wang Dapeng et al and Ma Rusen do.

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